About Us

Who we are

Why Us? Because as our client, your smile will be different

Anytime anyone invests in our products/services, they mostly end up getting peaceful conveniences as souvenirs. Plus, we always give back! And we give back. Again.

We re-organize and personalize our products and services to save you more than a handful both in time and cash. Now our old clients are becoming friends and family in a growing community of our ‘Give Back’ beneficiaries. When you become our customer, you will lock in your position for possible extra financial intelligence and related benefits…


Dotam Group

Cryptocurrency Trading
Empowering African Entrepreneurs
Delivery of mails and goods
Real Estate Management
Managing of Real Estate is our Priority
Food Production & Distribution
Production of food and distribution in Africa

Our Culture

Our Culture is the bedrock of all our activities in Dotam Group. Being Innovative, Focused driven and Seamless define us. 


Our Mission in the world

Our Mission is to create a platform of concentrated financial resourceful ideas and information to build, enhance and train the African entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to owing their dream, even in payed employment. 


Our Core Value

Our core value is to Impact lives, Innovative, Authenticity, Excellence and Global impact.

Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

We create platforms that will serve as resources that will help us impact the Africa nation in actualizing her dreams.



We are expert when it comes to delivery